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FIN 345 Bank Management
Fall Semester 2020 -2021
Group Project
CLOs: K2, S1, S2, C1
The allocation of marks for Term Paper will be as follows:
Cover Page and Related Information 1 mark
Table of Contents 1 mark
Introduction, Concepts, Development of
Ideas, Organization 3 mark
Concepts, Analysis & Interpretation 7 marks
Conclusion and Recommendations 4 marks
Correct Referencing, Number of
References as per APA System 2 mark
Neatness and Accuracy 2 mark
Total 20 marks
Please use at least 5 resources (journals, textbooks, websites, etc…) for the preparation
of the report.
 This is group project. The maximum number of student in a group is limited to
 Cover page with Project Titles and the details of all group members like student
name, student ID Number, your professor’s name and submission date.
 Only the group leader has to submit the project through online. All group members
need not to be submitted the project separately.
 Table of Contents
 Executive Summary
 Proper introduction
 Body of the Report
 Conclusions
 Recommendations
 Proper Referencing according to APA (read uploaded APA Preferences file)
Late submissions will be penalized!!!!
Due Date and Presentation: The final report must be submitted not later than 10th
December 2020. The findings will be presented in class, but you may bring any materials
you wish to show the class to explain your findings and conclusions. Overhead
transparencies, PowerPoint Slide Shows, handouts, or other audio-visuals should be used
to enhance your ability to convey your findings in a complete and clear manner. Getting
the class involved with an experiential exercise is also an excellent way to convey your
findings. Presentations will be about 10 to 12 minutes in length for each group, plus
answering questions.
Grading: Refer to the syllabus for the grading. Needless to say, traditional grading criteria
such as accuracy, completeness, originality, and depth of coverage will apply in assigning
individual grades.
Plagiarism: More than 20% will be penalized
Choose one topic from the list below
1. Analyze the structure and the role of regulatory institutions in the Banking
Sector of UAE.
2. The Impact of Government Policy and Regulation on Banking sector
3. The Organization and Structure of Banks and Their Industry
4. Analyze the impact of interest rate on Asset Liability management of Bank with
reference to risk factor
5. Financial Reforms and Banking Sector in UAE
6. Asset liability Management in relation to interest rates risk /risk trade-offs
7. Asset and liability management approaches to resolve the liquidity and
profitability risks
8. Application of financial management principles and techniques for managing
specific functions of a bank
9. Investment strategies for Commercial Banks
10. Analyze the Credit Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity Risk, and Solvency Risk of
a Commerce Bank of your choice


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