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As this class draws to an end, you covered a vast amount of material  pertaining to business law. From the classifications of law, contract  formation, illegal agreements and various types of property, to business  ethics, you gained further insight into how businesses should operate.
For your final assignment, you will be creating a brochure that  informs an audience as to all of the amazing topics that you covered. In  your brochure you will need to include:

  1. A definition of Business Law and why one should study it.
  2. The difference between Business Law and Business Ethics.
  3. A list of topics covered with a brief description for each one.  Remember this is a brochure so there will not be a ton of space. You  want to hit the highlights from each week.
  4. A section on emerging trends related to business law.
  5. Key takeaways from this course. How will you use the information from this class?

The brochure that you are creating is to be a tri-fold design,  double-sided. Draw attention to your brochure by using well-placed art,  an easy to read design with your content, and use of color.
As with all assignments, use proper grammar and spelling. Although  the Drop Box calls for a Microsoft Word document, you may utilize other  software as you see fit.


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