Accounting homework help

Accounting homework help.

(a) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the major steps
involved in conducting research.
(b) Demonstrate an extended understanding of various
business research designs and methods, and be able
to evaluate and explain their strengths and
weaknesses in research designs for particular projects.
(c) Demonstrate a critical appreciation of ethical issues in
research and an advanced understanding of
appropriate procedures and protocols applicable to
these issues.
(d) Critically review and evaluate research literature.
(e) Design research for a particular project, explaining the
limitations, advantages, and technical and ethical
implications of the techniques employed.
(f) Select, justify and design questions suitable for a
survey instrument and be able to analyse survey data
in relation to a particular research question.
(g) Prepare a formal research proposal investigating an
innovative and/or unresolved research question.
Criteria for
 Understanding of the project
 Evidence of analysis
 Organisation and Use of visual aids
 Non-verbal & Verbal delivery
Assessment Task: Students are to select a presentation topic from the list of topics
below and make a 15-20 minute presentation.
Submission Date: Week 7 – Sunday at 11.59 pm (online submission).
Total Mark &
Weighting: 15 marks | 15%
Students are advised that any submissions past the due date without an approved
extension or approved extenuating circumstances incur a 5% penalty per calendar
calculated from the total mark e.g. a task marked out of 15 will incur a 1.75 mark penalty
per calendar day.
Assessment 1– Group Presentation (4 students). Presentations would be made during
the tutorial time.
Assessment Description
Students are to select a presentation topic from the list of topics below and make a 15-20
minute presentation. Students must conduct extensive research on the topic and must cite
relevant sources to support their arguments.
Topic 1: Using relevant literature and examples, compare and contrast Narrative research
and phenomenological research
Topic 2: Using relevant literature and examples, compare and contrast case study research
and ethnographic research
Presentation requirements:
• A PowerPoint presentation in class with a minimum of 10 slides
• The PowerPoint presentation must go for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 20
minutes. Please allow an additional 5 minutes for questions time if requested by your lecturer.
• Your PPT should be converted into PDF and uploaded on Moodle on the Sunday of the
Presentation week along with your handout.
• Appropriate and accurate use of the APA referencing system for in-text citation as well as a
reference list
• You will be marked as a team.
You must use a minimum of 5 references. These must be authoritative and comprise of:
• At least 1 academic reference (e.g. journal article or textbook)

Accounting homework help


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