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In this report, you are expected to do the following:

  • Explain the ethical issue(s) of your chosen case (see below) using references (textbooks, journal articles etc.). Explain which stakeholder groups are involved in / affected by this issue and how. Do not copy the case description, instead, summarise and analyse as taught in class (400-500 words). (20%)
  • Use TWO ethical theories [see lectures Learning Weeks 2 and 3] to justify why this issue / these issues deserve(s) attention (400-500 words). (20%)
  • Set out any FOUR individual or situational factors [see lecture Learning Week 4] that explain the occurrence of the ethical issues described in the case (200-300 words). (10%)
  • Provide THREE specific possible solutions or recommendations (referenced) as to how this issue / these issues may be addressed effectively. Consider a) what the company/companies named in the case study may do and b) what other societal actors may do. Where possible, point out the links or complementarities between the solutions you suggest. Where appropriate, link your suggestions to general business ethics management tools (see, for example, Crane et al. 2019, ch. 5) (500-600 words). (30%)
  • Provide a critical evaluation of your solutions, i.e., show that you can discuss your own ideas through a critical lens by indicating the limitations. (200-300 words). (10%)
    Your report should have a brief introduction (setting out what you are planning to cover in the report). Your evaluation can be your conclusion, but you may also write a separate conclusion.
    Your word limit is 2,000 words (excluding bibliography and word count in appendices). 10% below or above allowed. Do not forget to include your word count in your report.
    The report needs to have a minimum of five references (theory and case related). The marksheet (see separate document) sets out the marking criteria in detail. (Presentation and Style has a weighting of 10%)
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