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ACCT 3300
Excel Budgeting Project
Open the Excel spreadsheet and click on the Problem tab at the bottom to view the instructions for the project. Click on the Worksheet tab and begin entering the formulas provided below.
Scroll down the Worksheet page until you come to the Answer Section. The Sales Budget section is listed first. In the shaded cells, enter the appropriate formula for each cell shown below. After typing in the formula, click Enter on your keyboard. Be sure you have each formula in the exact cell (row and column) as shown below.

You will notice that the amounts and formulas for August and September will appear when you complete the July entries. These additional formulas have been pre-programmed into the spreadsheet to save time. Also notice that the cell references in the formulas (for example, B10 is cell reference for the cell in column B, row 10) are to the data section at the top of the worksheet tab.
Formulas for the Unit Purchases budget will be entered next. See below.

Next, enter the formulas for Cash Budget. Do not be concerned when the August and September amounts do not display immediately. The will show when you complete this section. Note there is one formula for Column C in this section.

When these formulas are completed, move down to the Income Statement section and enter the following formulas.

Then complete the Balance Sheet formulas.

Once you have completed all the formulas, you have completed Items 1 and 2 of the problem. Save your worksheet as instructed in Item 2 and use the check figures to verify your amounts. Continue to Items 3 and 4 and when finished with those sections, save your file again as instructed in Item 4 and submit both files using the Assignment link at the top of the Blackboard section describing the assignment.


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