American history homework help

Due for 8 am Class on Monday, May 04 before 12:15 pm (right afternoon).
Write on 3 out of 4 of the questions below.
Your work must be typed, and it must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  If an answer has been copied and pasted from the PP, with only a few words changed here and there, then that answer will receive a 0.  You need to show me that you read and understood the material.  All answers must be from the PP material ONLY.  You do not need to do any research to take this final quiz.
1.  List the groups of people we covered in class (from this PP) who lived in prayer and solitude…with varying degrees of community.  List them in chronological order, with the dates. This would cover the first PP.
2. The first PP briefly focused on 2 monasteries.  Which monasteries were those?  Include the dates and hit the high points ( a reasonable summary) of each.
3.  The second PP mentioned one positive thing about the Benedictine tradition (preservation of texts) as well as the Benedictines’ need for reform.  Describe the need for the reform and what that reform looked like.
4.  Focusing on the second PP, describe Benedictine spirituality.  HINT: this includes not only the direct reference to “Benedictine spirituality” in the PP, but also to the balance between community and individuality…as well as specific traits of that spirituality.
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