American history homework help

American history homework help.

Answer the following two questions in an essay with a MINIMUM length of TWO (2) FULL PAGES:
1. What are the major arguments contained within each of these documents? How do they compare to one another?
2. Are there parallels in their arguments to modern debates within American society? If so, in what specific way(s)?
Please remember to use specific evidence from these documents to support your arguments.
3.  Exceeds the stated MINIMUM length requirement for the associated writing prompt(s). 
4. You will be penalized for any submission that does not meet the stated minimum length requirement.
5. Because of the short length of these assignments, please avoid directly quoting the document unless it is absolutely essential to your argument. Instead, briefly paraphrase the passage(s) and focus instead upon providing your analysis and supporting your argumentation.
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American history homework help


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