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The United States to 1877 Slavery Paper Assignment
Due Date: December 2nd
The purpose of this paper is to draw connections across American history. Your papers must have your name at the top, and they must be double-spaced. You will submit an electronic copy through the Slavery Paper link in the Assignments folder on Blackboard (Assignments folder > Slavery Paper folder).
Assignment: Your answer needs to address the history of slavery and two (2) other course units (policing, expansion, borders). You will choose one (1) option below to write about how the history of slavery connects to other histories we’ve studied.
Option 1:
• How have race and gender influenced people’s actions in the history of slavery, policing,
expansion, and borders? In other words, how did White supremacy and patriarchy influence the historical areas we have studied? Pick slavery and two (2) other areas to cover: policing, expansion, borders.
Option 2:
• How did complex interactions between diverse groups shape the history of slavery, policing,
expansion, and borders? Pick slavery and two (2) other areas to cover: policing, expansion, borders.

  • 1,500-to-1,800 words
  • Double-spaced, one-inch margins
  • You must use at least four (4) different source types
  • You must cite your sources
  • You may only use materials from class
    The key is to focus on specific actions you feel are representative of the course themes, rather than a general view of history. Ultimately, you are using material from the course units to argue how the chosen theme—White supremacy/patriarchy or group interactions—is fundamental to U.S. history. Everyone is writing about slavery and two other units. This assignment is based on drawing connections, and you will use the course theme to explain links between histories. (For example, if you select Option 1, you will answer this subquestion: how is the history of slavery, expansion, and borders about White supremacy and patriarchy? If you select Option 2, how is the history of slavery, expansion, and borders about diverse group interactions?).

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1 This is an argument-driven essay. You will state a clear argument at the beginning of the paper and use the body of your essay to back up your argument. You may only use materials from class to build your argument. Take your time with this assignment. Please be sure to keep your paper focused, clear, and concise.
Citations: Throughout your paper, you must indicate the source of your information and evidence. Please cite your sources with the following parenthetical citations at the end of a sentence.
Source types:

  • Lecture: (lecture)
  • Article: author’s last name, shortened title in parentheses: i.e., (Ramos, “Alamo is a Rupture”)
  • Podcast: episode title, podcast title: i.e., (“Trail of Tears,” This American Life)
  • Primary document: shortened title/description: i.e., (T. Jefferson letter) or (Cherokee map)
  • Painting: shortened title/description: i.e., (casta painting) or (Alamo)
  • U.S.: A Narrative History: title and page number: i.e., (U.S.: A Narrative History, 40)
  • Film: film or episode title: (The West) or (“Death Runs Riot”)


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