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This assignment will require you to have already done the Primary Source Analysis.
This paper should advance a position (thesis/argument) based on a historical topic from our course. You will use at least two (2) sources for this assignment: one will be the primary source you analyzed; and the secondary source must be a journal article from a peer-reviewed journal that you researched and found through the MVC library database. I would use J-Stor for this – it’s a major database for history journals.
The textbook is not a valid source for this assignment and should only be used for context – do not cite or quote from it. When researching the secondary source, make sure that it is historical, written by an historian, and preferably published in a journal of history. Avoid “Reviews,” encyclopedia entries, biographies, and textbooks.
Only use the approved sources mentioned above. A failure to use the primary source will result in an automatic zero. Using randomly Googled websites is discouraged and will also result in a failing grade. The standard rules of Scholastic Dishonesty and Plagiarism apply (see syllabus for more on that).
Be sure to have a clear argument that you defend with relevant evidence. Organize your paper with a logical structure and use clear topic sentences and transitions to help your reader understand the logic of your organization. Edit your paper thoroughly to avoid grammatical, punctual, and spelling errors and to improve readability. Don’t forget to give your paper a title.
Grading criteria: Also see the Grading Rubric in the “Course Materials” folder on BB.
· Argument: 25% Does your paper have a clear, singular, specific argument that
· answers the question?
· Evidence: 25% Do you use all the relevant evidence to defend your argument?
· Organization: 25% Does your paper have a logical structure and use clear topic
· sentences and transitions?
· Clarity: 25% Is your prose efficient, crisp, and polished, free of excessive passive voice or distracting spelling or grammatical errors?


1. 12-point, Times New Roman font – double-spaced
2. 1-inch margins all around
3. 1200-1500 words (5-7 pages, double-spaced pages)
4. Standard heading (single space, first page only, not in margin): name, class, prof, date
5. TITLE (in all caps and centered after the heading)
6. Indent all paragraphs .5 inches (using the “Tab” key does it automatically)
7. Do not center or justify body text—keep the default alignment to the left of the page
8. Enumerate pages at the top right
9. Keep quotes short and at a minimum—excessive quoting is a sign of poor writing.
a. I want to read your words and hear your voice come through.


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