Anatomy homework help

  1. Select an epidemiologic article from a research journal, a newspaper, or magazine that includes epidemiologic concepts, investigations, challenges and/or strategies. Thoughtfully consider the top causes and contributing factors to morbidity and mortality regionally, nationally, and globally.
  2. post the title and the link of your selected article’s title and source  
  3. And, in a paragraph, write your perspectives (> 10 sentences) on the author’s (authors’) investigation/article. Include:
  4.  A)Describe (in a beginning overview sentence) the purpose of the article.  B) Write a sentence(s) describing the epidemiological or public health methods. C) Provide a sentence(s) summarizing the findings D)  Discuss the epidemiological or public health significance of the topic and article, and/or future strategies/potential solutions to the epidemiological/public health challenge/dilemma/situation. E) Write two contemplative questions for replies and discussion.


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