Ancient history homework help


  1. choose an object/structure from the Art&Christianity Ecclesiart Projects site –

OR from slide file posted on Blackboard.

  1. Review your slides and notes for an object/structure that you would like to explore, and to compare to a similar although modern one, selected from the sources above.


  1. The premise is that you will find significant similarities, as well as differences between the selected image, one that has been created in the 20th/21st centuries, and an object covered in the course, from the 4th to the 17th century.


  1. While this project is based on the standard art history compare/contrast exercise, you must also be thinking about the underlying belief, its imagery, its rituals, its adherents, and the impact or the use that EACH of your two objects has on those who experience the object or space in person.


  1. Since we are dealing with a very different set of circumstances, my requirements are simple:

Images of both objects, and of any other objects that may come into your discussion.
A solid bibliography that demonstrates your exploration of both topics. By this I mean VETTED sources including online resources. No popular sites like PBS, for example, although there may be suggestions for further reading connected to some of their programs. The same for Wikipedia – there can be decent bibliographies but be careful. A very good place is of course, the Metropolitan Museum’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art for contextual essays, as well as object information.
I am finicky about notes, I want them at the end of the paper, not on the page. This is easy to set up in any word processing program. Be careful of plagiarism – any idea as well as direct quotes MUST be cited in your end notes as well as the source included in the bibliography.  I am less finicky about the style of format, although I prefer Chicago, just pick one and be consistent.
Any questions about format can be found at the Purdue OnLine Writing Lab –
Length is always arbitrary, right? But for a decent job, the paper should be a minimum of 1500 to 2000 words, but not more than 4000 words – exclusive of bibliography and end notes.
Do something of which you are proud; think of this as the culmination of what you have learned in this course.

Ancient history homework help


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