Ancient history homework help

Ancient history homework help. 2 — Aristotle’s Highest Good
Identify the central tenets of Aristotle’s ethics.
Select the statement that represents a central tenet of Aristotle’s ethics.
A person should develop a virtue to the maximum extent.
Biology has no bearing on matters of ethics and character.
It is better to be too virtuous than not virtuous enough.
It is most important to determine what kind of person one should be.
3 — Applying Aristotle’s Ethics
Apply the central tenets of Aristotle’s ethics.
Mary has a hot temper. The smallest disagreements send her into a rage.
According to Aristotle’s ethical tenets, which of the following actions would help Mary to behave more virtuously?
Mary should practice patience and good humor.
Mary should shut off her emotions and stop caring about anything.
Mary should try to determine whether anger really exists.
Mary should avoid situations that might anger her.
4 — Stoicism: The Ethics of Dispassion
Identify, and apply, the central tenets of Stoic ethics.
Stoicism was a school of philosophy that flourished in ancient Rome. Select the example that represents one of the central tenets of Stoicism.
When he arrives at work, Gary is still angry at the conductor of his commuter train because it was delayed by one hour.
Jennifer spends a lot of time thinking about death, and worrying about when it will come.
Dan carries out the orders of his commanding officer without allowing his emotions to interfere.
Michael always wants to see his sports team win, and feels frustrated when they do not.

Ancient history homework help


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