Applied Sciences homework help

  1. Students will write ONE short essay and submit through the assignment tab. Please submit as either .doc/.docx files. No other file formats accepted. If you submit in an unreadable format the grade will be 0. 
  2. Essays must have a clear thesis statement. The thesis statement is the argument you make in your paper and prove with your      research and supporting material.
  3. The body of your essay must be at least 750      words – but no longer than 850 words. Abuse of length will result in an automatic 2 point grade deduction.
  4. Please choose one question to answer from the set of questions below.
  5. Grading Rubric:  5 marks for a clear thesis/argument, 5 marks for effective use of content from the course, 5      marks for grammar/spelling, 5 marks for overall construction.
  6. All course material and audio/video posts will be part

Essays must directly quote either lecture notes, readings or audio or video segments a minimum of 5 times. Please see below for sourcing format for this assignment. Quoting other student’s forum posts is allowed but will not be considered one of your 5 citations.

  • For Example: “Like      Kluskap before them, when the people awoke naked and lost, they asked      Kluskap how they should live. Kluskap taught them their lessons and thus      he is named “one who is speaking to you” or the Teacher-Creator.” (Mi’kmaq      Creation story, discussion forum, week two
  • “If a meeting was about to begin,” (Module 1,      Thanksgiving address). So list the module and name of the page.
  • If you are directly quoting one of the readings please put the following information in brackets at the end of the quote. (Source name/ Belanger, page # 3).
  1. Students MUST put their name at the top of the essay.      There will be an automatic 1 point deduction for not doing so.
  2. Students must write their essay in 12 points Arial or Times New Roman font and double-space. 
  3. Do not submit a bibliography or cover page, just the essay with your name at the top.
  4. Please save files as – YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST      INITIAL Final. Here is an example.

ex. FiddlerMfinal.doc/docx
1. At the beginning of this semester, we discussed how some Indigenous societies in Canada were matriarchal.  However, in just a few hundred years since contact, a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Commission was needed.  Why was this commission needed?  And, why did our history make it a necessity?
2. This semester, we have seen many attempts by the Canadian government to do what officials think is best to help Indigenous people.  Why do these often fail?  And, what would you recommend instead?

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