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Now that you have learned about deconstructive criticism ( ciritical theory toady), you should read this theory and apply the theory as a means of analyzing one of the novel (what lies between us) you have read. There is no professor assigned prompt for this essay. This class is Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking, and part of being an advanced writer and a critical thinker is being able to come up with your own topic and thesis with certain parameters. You have to figure out what it is you want us to know about the novel when analyzed the particular lens of a particular theory.
please read both books: “ciritical theory today” and “what lies between us”, i will upload the cover page to know the book
there is deconstructive criticism in ciritical “theory toady” book, use this theory to write about this book “ what lies between us”.
i have some questions it might help u to write this essay, u can Includes the answers of the questions in the essay. this question for my class weekly discussion:
Below are a series of questions taken from your textbook that a Deconstructive critic might ask about a text. In response to one of these questions, post a statement about a novel.
1. How can we use the various conflicting interpretations a text produces
(the “play of meanings”) or find the various ways in which the text doesn’t
answer the questions it seems to answer, to demonstrate the instability of
language and the undecidability of meaning? (Remember that deconstruc‑
tion uses the word undecidability in a special way. See page 259.)
2. What ideology does the text seem to promote—what is its main theme—
and how does conflicting evidence in the text show the limitations of that
ideology? We can usually discover a text’s overt ideological project by find‑
ing the binary opposition(s) that structure the text’s main theme(s).
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