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For the second paper we are writing about art.  Why?  Well, most people could stand to know about this somewhat mysterious creative form.  Artists create for a number of reasons, but one is that they have ideas about the world we all live in and want to express them.  But these ideas often appear in codes that are sometimes easy to unravel and sometimes next to impossible.  Sometimes you just look and enjoy and that’s enough.
For this assignment we are concerned with ‘modern’ art….roughly from 1860 to close to the present.  You are to pick a ‘school’ of art or time period.  (In this case ‘school’ does not mean a building, but a group of creators that have things in common in their work.  Critics like to lump them together.  Usually a name is given to them that ends in ‘i-s-m’….such as cubism, or impressionism, surrealism, post-impressionism, fauvism, expressionism, abstract expressionism, and so forth.  But sometime not….such as pop art.)  Your job is to investigate a school of modern art and pick two artists that worked within it.  You will focus on these two in the essay.
Follow the directions below:
Interesting title, of course.
Intro paragraph:  Hook section that gets interest of reader;  name the school and the two artists.  General info on each (briefly).  End the paragraph which includes both artists and in general state the importance of them.
First body paragraph:  Define the school of art.  Describe it….give the time line of it;   maybe quote a critic about it; end with naming again the two artists.
Second body paragraph:  First artist brief biography.
Third body paragraph:  Overview of his art work and a close look at one work.
Fourth body paragraph:  Second artist biography.
Fifth body paragraph:  Overview of his art and close look at one work.
Sixth body paragraph:  Comparison between the two and give your feelings about each.
Conclusion paragraph:  Restate main idea, review some points, end with an interesting idea.
To help you think about the different schools of art consult:
…and other sites that you find.  Let me know if you need some help.
Just FYI, I just watched a wonderful documentary on one of the most popular artists alive today, who has lived an interesting life.—    She would make a good choice with wither Andy Warhol or Claes Oldenburg–the guy who did the ‘Shuttlecocks’ at the Nelson Atkins Museum.
You get a couple extra points if you go to the Nelson for a visit.  Just let me know.
(As with all the papers, it will be approximately 4 pages of essay….maybe slightly more….with quotes from at least two sources…..followed by Works Cited page and the one page ‘what i learned from npr/pbs’ section.)


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