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Discussion forum 5.0
Now that you have read “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and read through my lecture notes, please post a 400-500 word response here in the Discussion Forum for Week #5. This response should be treated as something akin to a reaction paper assignment in that you are telling us what you liked, what you did not like, or what you were confused about. Remember, you are not summarizing the story (we all have read it and know what it is about), rather, you are putting yourself into conversation with it.
Discussion forum 8.0
Now that you have read the assignment sheet for the Critical Analysis Paper please let us know which short story you will be writing on. Tell us why. Out of the three you could pick from why did you choose that particular one? Also, any questions or concerns you may have should be ask because it may benefit your classmates. This does not have to meet the 400-word minimum.
(you can pick any of the three stories , read ONE and answer the questions, you dont have to read all three)
I need both assignments done by 11pm sharp before the end of the say 10/19/20 .
please read instructions very carefully!
you can go on google and search the story or message me via chat to send you the link to any of the three story you wish to do !
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