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there are 3 works I need help with
1I need to find the sources about solution 1,
2 outline, and a belief sentence about the sources(  Post your weekly individual research and work post (Individual Deliverable 2) with at least 3 sources. In your submission, you must explain why each source you’ve found will be important in your research. Therefore, you must read each of your sources. Briefly summarize each source and explain why it is relevant to your white paper. Please note that each member of the group should use 3 different sources in their blog (in other words, you cannot write one blog for all four group members).
3,  Reading response—citation exercise (individual, not as a group): for Reading Response Week 9 complete this two-part assignment: a bibliographic citation (in MLA format) for one of the sources (book, journal, or online source) you are planning to use in your research paper. After writing out the full citation in correct MLA format, write out an example of a sentence with an in-text citation (also in MLA format) from that source.  Part two:  in two or three sentences, briefly describe what is, in your opinion, the best way of ensuring that all citations are correct and present in the finished paper. This reading response does not need to follow the 300-word minimum.
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