Article writing homework help

  • Complete Your Turn # 15 on page 360 using pages 338-339 as a guide, as well as the checklist on page 358.
  • Your submission should be TWO FULL PAGES with the main text single-spaced; 12 point font size and headings a little bit larger. (no more than two full pages, no less than two full pages!)
  • Do not write your name or course information etc. at the top of the page as the document should be “real”
  • Follow the format on pages 338 -339.


  • Your document must include a graphic which is important to the overall understanding. In other words, do not place a photo which is for entertainment purposes, but rather, a graphic which leads to a deeper understanding.  The graphic should be referred to in the paragraph preceding it and it should be labeled underneath as shown on page 339.



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