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Savage, Stephen
2001 “Some Recent Trends in the Archaeology of Predynastic Egypt,” Journal of Archaeological
Research, vol. 9, pp. 101-155.
Learning outcome #2- Savage uses a combination of archaeological evidence and early textual evidence
to illustrate the processes by which many Egypt’s disparate population centers come to be controlled by a
single ruler.
Learning outcome #5- The “unification” is presented as being primarily economically motivated. Trade
underlies the motivation to bring Egypt’s disparate populations under the control of a single ruler. Social
complexity is demonstrated through the development of administrative offices, and possibly taxation.
Your essay for this week is a summary of the issues presented in this paper. I have provided you a basic
structure for summarizing the information from the reading. Use these general questions to guide you in
reading the article. Your answers to these questions should be linked together to form an essay. Further
information about organization and grading can be found in the “Grading Rubric” on the second page.
Your essay should be ~3-4 pages long, double spaced and printed on paper. When you refer material in
the reading, cite the page number where the material was taken (for example Savage 2001:103) in the
You may also want to refer to part 2 of the Wilkinson 1999 reading assigned for Week 6. Include the
complete bibliographic reference at the end of your paper.
Please answer in your own words, do not over-rely on quotes from the reading.
1. What are the three contributions the author believes Egypt can bring to the study of early complex
2. Why were early Egyptian “proto-kings” motivated to expand their influence northward?
What evidence does the author provide to support his argument?
3. What kinds of archaeological materials are used to differentiate the presumed polities of Hierakonpolis,
Nagada and This (Abydos)?
4. Does the author feel that early Dynastic Egypt was a single unified polity encompassing the Delta at
the time of the Unification? Why or why not?
5. Watch “The Scorpion King” video posted for this week. Conclude with your opinion; was the
“unification” more due to economic factors, or military factors?


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