Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. Philanthropy Project Benchmark
Part 5
The Non-Profits Organization that you are going to use is:
ROGER WILLIAMS PARK ZOO in Rhode Island   (Here is the link for that Zoo, you can also find this zoo in many news and information for non-profit title, search RI Roger william Zoo Non-Profit, you can find a lot of it)
You must answer the following questions in Part 5 :
Please submit a brief overview on one staff member in the organization that you have chosen to volunteer with. In this week’s submission, you must answer the following:

  • Review your organizations website.
  • Find the page that discusses a staff member. It may be “who we are” or similar.
  • Pick one member of the organization and complete the following:
    • How long has the staff member been a part of the organization?
    • What is their background? Education? Prior work experience?

Your essay should be 1 full pages.
You are expected to use in-text references and provide a reference list at the end of your essay.
Your essay must be typed (double spaced). Please use 12 point Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins.

Article writing homework help


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