Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Need to write about its cu and religions there
As part of this class you are required to produce a poster. The poster will be made electronically as a PowerPoint slide. You DO NOT have to print out your posters. The dimensions should be 44 inches wide by 34 inches high; I will provide a blank poster for you with the correct overall dimensions.
Your poster will focus on the country that you have been assigned, and the topic you choose from the listing provided.
Elements of the Poster
The poster should:
• Be visually appealing
• Be content rich
• Content should be interesting
• Include significant text in addition to graphical elements
• Be neat and well-written, with appropriate titles.
• All sources for text, graphics, and pictures should be cited.
It is NOT enough to just stick up a few pictures and provide minimal information.  I expect this poster to be well thought out, and well-executed.   You should start developing your poster materials well before the due date.  I will be looking for quality here, and a rushed poster that shows minimal effort will get an appropriately low grade.  There will not be points for just turning in ‘something’.  I can, and will, give zero points for posters that show little effort.
There is an exampel how it should be
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Article writing homework help


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