Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

  • I can make this gallery on anything I wish. The easiest thing I can think of based on these questions it’s something related to History. Americas War history. It can be different wars. Each image uploaded should have a small summary as if you were in a museum that’s whole point of this project to demonstrate a virtual gallery. I will have to present this so please make it easy and clear.


  • Each question can be answered with small direct answers. Be very detailed about the answers.

Proposal Exhibition Title:
1.General Information/Brief Overview of Project
Proposed gallery/space to be used List of proposed object list
Description of exhibition, beginning with a two to three sentence summary of the exhibition and then elaborating as needed.
Please list the reasons for the exhibition.
Previous, if any, exhibitions or books on the subject (if applicable, please attach a short list or bibliography).
Will there be a catalogue or related publication?
2.Interpretaive Goals
Please list one to three main ideas visitors will take away from the viewing the exhibition. How will the exhibition (or what aspects or components) support them in understanding these ideas?
Is there a specialized audience to which this exhibition should be aimed, and why? Are there specific objects that would best support this? Will the installation itself support it (e,g., in the case of family audiences, by installing objects at an accessible height for children)?
How do you plan on labeling the material exhibited, what kind of texts will be put up to support the exhibition’s thesis?
Please note any interpretive, multi-media components (such as in gallery interactive, audio-guide stops, etc) that should be considered. Are you aware of existing media created by other organizations on this topic?
What kind of didactic displays or didactic space will be created within the exhibition? How will it help the visitors learn about the main ideas of the exhibition? Would it include hands on or participatory components?
3.Design and Installation
Initial thoughts about the exhibition design scheme (any exhibitions that come to mind as a useful precedent?).
Any suggested graphic treatments (e.g., photomurals, comparative illustrations, etc.)?
4.Related Programming
Any suggestions for educational programs (e.g., seminars, lectures, panel, symposia, gallery talks, artist demonstrations, studio courses, other workshops, community group programming, performing arts programming, family programs, etc.)?

Article writing homework help


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