Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. SOURCE FOR ESSAY 3
“How Will Coronavirus Change the World?” by Simon Mair (in the Essay 3 folder on Blackboard)
Essay 3 BIG QUESTION: Based on Mair’s article, how could the coronavirus pandemic have some positive effects on the world? Find three ideas*** in his article that you would like to see happen during and/or after the pandemic. Explain what the ideas are (with evidence from the article) and why you think these could be good outcomes of the pandemic.
***One of your three ideas should be one of the possible future scenarios Mair discusses in the section called “Four Futures” (they are listed below). In your opinion, which one would be the best outcome for humanity and the planet?

  1. State capitalism: centralised response, prioritising exchange value
  2. Barbarism: decentralised response, prioritising exchange value
  3. State socialism: centralised response, prioritising the protection of life
  4. Mutual aid: decentralised response, prioritising the protection of life.

STEP 1 of writing this essay: Read and understand the article. I suggest that you work from the pdf version of the article so that you can annotate (highlight or underline) key passages.

  • Complete the Essay 3 Log: week of April 12.
  • Look for evidence that could help you answer the BIG QUESTION in your essay.

STEP 2: Fill out the Essay 3 Outline Template, posted in the Essay 3 folder. This will be a three-point essay: each body paragraph will cover one of the IDEAS from Mair’s article that you would like to see happen after the pandemic is over. It is important to type QUOTATIONS for key points in your paragraphs. Due by the end of the day, Saturday, April 18.
STEP 3: Follow your OUTLINE and write the FIRST DRAFT. Email me your COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT by the due date. I WILL RESPOND TO YOU WITH MY COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. Due by the end of the day, Thursday, April 23.
STEP 4: Due on Monday, April 27. Complete the FINAL DRAFT. Read my comments about your first draft. Revise your essay, keeping in mind:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization, especially of titles
  • Sandwiching quotations
  • Correct formatting of quotations
  • Correct formatting of the essay, INCLUDING THE MLA WORKS CITED PAGE.


Article writing homework help


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