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1.) Write 3 poems. No length require but each poem should be 15 lines.
2.) 3 pages double-spaced minimum. Times New Roman, 12-point font. Address each question in 2-3 paragraphs.
1. Tell me about the “generating process” you went through in writing the first draft of this poem. How did you begin? Where did you get the idea, or did it just come to you? How did you proceed from there? How did you feel during the process? Excited, challenged, annoyed, confused, frustrated? Be specific.
2.  Now tell me about your “revision process” for the same or a different piece. How did it differ, for
you, from the generating process? Did you find it easier or more challenging, less or more
satisfying? How so? How did you go about revision? Did you look at workshop comments first,
then your own intentions, or the other way around. Be specific.
3.  Viewing the work you’ve created this semester as a whole collection—and yourself as a writer in
the broader sense—describe your writing in broad terms. Identify the recurrent themes in your work.
What kinds of questions does your writing explore? Do you write about love, death, sex, madness,
obsession, food, horses? The more specific you can be here, the better. Characterize your style and
voice. Discuss the types of characters you create, settings, images, metaphors or motifs that recur.
In short, give me a portrait of yourself as a writer and your work this semester.
4.  Why do we create art? It doesn’t really serve any “rational” or “practical” purpose, after all, does
it? Discuss your thoughts on this question. Consider one novelist’s, May Sarton’s, answer:
“Writing for me is a way of figuring things out . . . of making some sense out of the big questions
of life. For art is order but it is made out of the chaos of life.” Feel free to get philosophical on
this one.
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