Biology homework help

Biology homework help. 1.What is the New Jersey State Microbe? Which antibiotic was extracted from this microorganism? What is the mode of action of that antibiotic?
2. a) Explain why most preserved foods are high in sodium or sugar.
b) which category does a benthic microorganism belong to? Why?
3. List and briefly describe the inclusion bodies for a cyanobacterium.
4. A cafeteria worker who fails to wash his hands thoroughly and fails to wear gloves inoculates a quiche with 4 E. colicells when he uses his finger to test whether it is done. By the time you purchase the quiche, there are 256 E. colicells in it.
a) How many generations did the cells go through?
b) How long does it take (assume the generation time for E. coliis 30 minutes)?
5.Please list and describe the bacterial cell structures that involve in bacterial invasiveness.
6.What steps should be taken before we can safely reopen our state during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Biology homework help


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