Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Project Report Paper
Based on your research of your project, you should follow scientific publication guidelines of PSE to independently finish your project report. The paper should include proper images integrated in one or more ‘plate(s). “Instructions of Authors” of PSE can be found from :
Among the items of content, the following should be read and complete your term paper:

  • Title Page
  • Manuscript Structure
  • Text
  • Scientific Style
  • References
  • Tables
  • Artwork

You will submit the paper in at least 3 files.

  1. The term paper text. Figure/table/legends should be included in this file. Total is no less than 1000 words for this part.
  2. The plates made by Publisher, PowerPoint, etc. Although PSE requires artwork of halftones to be submitted in TIFF format, for this class, please DO NOT convert your Publisher or PowerPoint file to any other format (that is, to keep it as “.pub” or “.ppt/.ppts”)
  3. The reference list of the term paper.

The term paper will constitute 35% (35pts) , which are composed of:
1pts for a proper length of the paper (No less than 1,000 words, excluding “References”)
4pts for paper format (Follow the “Instructions for Authors” of PSE)
30pts for the text of the paper:
Title Page (2pt)
Abstract and Keywords (2pts)
iii) Introduction (3pts) (The scientific name, taxonomy, and a brief description of your research material should be included)

  1. iv) Material and Methods (2pts) (“Material” is mainly for the sampling of your research material. “Methods” should include the biological imaging methods you learnt and used from this class by which you obtained your images)
  2. v) Results (4pts) vi) Discussion (or Discussion and Conclusion, the latter is optional) (3pts)

vii) Acknowledgments (1pt)
viii) Figures, Tables (optional), and their Legends (10pts) ix) References (citations in the text and reference list) (3pts)
Note: Basically, all the information you need about the content is based on the poster and the file on mammal hair which is attached.

Biology homework help


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