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Assignment Specifications for Argumentative Essay, Project 4:
In this final essay, students express a strong and supported point of view about a selected global issue with evidence.  Students complete their writing by following the proposed argumentative paper format (introduction/thesis, supporting reasons, counterargument, and conclusion).  This essay is usually 4-5 pages in length and requires extensive research.  The essay often requires 4-6 sources (no more, no less). This assignment requires topics related to global issues and cannot be US centric. Note: It’s recommended that students not choose topics about religion. Below is the process in which you will experience during the argumentative essay, project 4
Selecting a topic – Finalize by Nov. 19th, Thursday, Nov. 19th, 11:55 pm
You must select a controversial topic that is NOT a US centric topic but a global topic. Doing so meets the qualifications for the Center for Global Learners, which qualifies you for future grants and other opportunities. This component has been embedded into our curriculum and is a requirement, which means that it is not optional. Please do NOT focus more on the US when discussing your topics and arguments.  Again, this must be a worldwide topic. After you have finalized your topic, you should start researching.
Researching & Annotated Bibliography 
During the research process, students will be given an annotated bibliography template to fill out which will both evaluate the credibility of their sources and summarize the main points in which the student plans to use in his or her essay.  The annotated bibliography will count as a homework grade.
First Draft of Argumentative Essa
The purpose of the first draft is simply for specific feedback from your selected peers and general feedback from your instructor. As of reminder, those who do not submit a first draft on time will not receive feedback, as the link will be closed. Even if you have not finished your draft, it’s important to submit your first draft to make sure there are not any plagiarism issues reported from Turnitin.
Second draft 
However, in this draft, you can receive specific feedback from the instructor if submitted on time. Those who fail to get in their drafts on time cannot receive feedback as the assignment link will close. Do not try to email the instructor your draft. If you need an extension, please request 24 hours in advance.
Final draft.
Make your final revisions and submit your final draft for grading. Any page that is missing will be penalized 5 points per page.  Since grades are required for posting shortly after, there are unfortunately not any extensions allowed for the final draft. I recommend that you finish and submit it early on May  4th. The deadline is Dec. 15th, 2020, 11:55 pm , which is the last day of class (no exceptions).
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