Business & Finance homework help

Business & Finance homework help. Write an abstract (approx. 500-750 words) which introduces your chosen topic and associated research question. You should include the following:

  • Introduction

Briefly state what your chosen topic is and why it is of interest to you as a potential research project. With reference to the preparation you have already done as part of your individual exercises throughout the module and relevant literature, explain how you have selected the topic that you would be interested in researching further.

  • Research topic

Be clear about why you have chosen this topic. Consider the purpose of the research and explain why it is of relevance to you and other stakeholders. You should engage with existing literature (academic journals, business and trade magazines, media articles etc.) to identify what is already known/understood about your chosen topic and what specifically you would wish to investigate further. At this point, you may wish to highlight any gaps in current knowledge within published literature that support your decision to focus upon your chosen topic.

  • Research question

With reference to learning from relevant module unit[s] and relevant literature, introduce your research question.

  • Concluding comment

Offer a concluding comment in support of your choice of topic and research question. Explain how the question addresses the issue you wish to investigate – is it clear, informed, achievable and answerable?

Business & Finance homework help


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