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Perform preliminary analytical procedures for the PricewaterhouseCopper LLP.
a. Obtain the financial statement data for the current year and prior two years.
Analyze the year-to-year change in account balance for the following
financial statement line items. Document the trend analysis in a format
similar to the following:
                                                           % Change                               % Change 
Account Balance                               2019–2020                              2018–2019
Net sales
Cost of sales
Operating expenses
Operating income
Net receivables
Accounts payable
Long-term debt
b. For the current and prior years, calculate the common financial ratios that
are applicable to the company, including short-term debt-paying ability,
liquidity activity, ability to meet long-term debt obligation, and
profitability ratios.
c. Compare the company’s main financial indicators (market cap, revenue,
employees, revenue growth, gross margin, net income, and EPS) with the
industry benchmark (you may find relevant information from Yahoo
Please see the detailed instructions and use the 10-K report.
3 pages and double spaces.
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