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Introduction: As we approach the end of semester, it is time to start making connections, and applying your knowledge, to demonstrate your understanding of what it means to be an MIS in an organization. To do this, you will write a paper in three parts that will discuss and analyze the ways COVID-19 has changed business processes.
This paper should be written in APA format and must be between 750-1000 words, which is between 3 and 4 double-spaced pages (your cover page and reference pages do not count). You will also need to reference a minimum of 5 different book chapters and two outside sources in ways that directly support your discussion and analysis.
Paper Structure: (Keep in mind that the three sections below do not represent paragraphs. Your paper should be composed of several paragraphs)
First, you will find a business process from an industry that has been directly affected by COVID-19 (health industry, food industry, entertainment industry, etc.) and identify and explain how that industry used to conduct business pre-COVID. Make sure the industry and the business process you choose is related to Information Systems and that it has a clear business process you can identify and break down in steps. For this part of your paper, be sure to include:

  • What is the      industry and what is the business process you will explain?
  • What were      the pre-COVID steps to complete the busines process?
  • What was the      ultimate goal of the activity (of the process)?
  • What      was/were the transaction(s) that occurred during the business process?

Second, revisit that same activity but under the current COVID situation and share:

  • How has the      activity/process changed?
  • What are the      steps now?
  • What has      been the most significant change in the process?
  • Why are      these changes to the process necessary under COVID conditions?
  • Do you still      achieve the same goal in the end?

Finally, wrap up your paper by discussing the implications of the change. Be specific and use examples. Address the following:

  • Will there      be more changes to the process post-COVID?
  • Will the      process evolve, remain, or return to pre-COVID status? why or why not?
  • Do you      foresee a full new process altogether? Yes, no, why?
  • What should      informed users know about these changes and how should they think of them      moving forward?

ü 750-1000 words
ü APA format and citation
ü Five references to different chapters in our book
ü Two outside sources
ü Follow this prompt closely
Here is a list of useful resources to help you with the research of the industry processes, and
COVID-19: Implications for business
The impact of COVID-19 on small business outcomes and expectations
Coronavirus: Business and Economy
Effects of COVID: Industry
How the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way we live
How will coronavirus change the way we live?


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