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The purpose of this assignment is to apply SWOT analysis tool to the security governance program in an organization. SWOT analysis is an important aspect of understanding and improving the security governance in an organization.
You have to pick up an organization of your choice (place you currently work or have worked before, an organization that you have access to, an organization that has enough information on the Internet). Study the security program of the company and perform a SWOT analysis. Address each quadrant in figure 2.5 in the book with examples, rationale, illustrations or anecdotal evidence to support your argument.
Prepare a report about the company’s security program status. Your report should be at least 800 words (1-2 pages) and should have at least 5 citations beyond the textbook.
Addresses each quadrant: 10 points
Rationale for your argument to include items in each quadrant: 15 points
Met word count: 5 points
Included 5 citations: 5 points
Gone beyond the requirement of the assignment (additional information that makes your submission stronger): 5 points


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