Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. The security of Smartphones is the focus for the First Research Paper. Deliverables for First Research Paper

  1. Clearly identify the Mobile Device you own and are researching
  2. What vulnerabilities are common to the Mobile Device?
  3. What security practices can users follow to minimize these vulnerabilities?
  4. Why does the Mobile Device need to be secured?
  5. What vulnerabilities are present with public Wi-Fi?
  • Clearly identify how cryptography can be used to establish secure remote connections
  • With Mobile Devices using the Internet (an insecure communication channel)
  • To your workplace and school
  • To your bank to check balances, pay bills, and make other transfers
  • For e­commerce
  • Health data
  1. How can email can be done securely using encryption with
  • Open Source Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
  • Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (S/MIME).
  1. How can Text messages be secured?

As you are doing research and writing your paper, think about the following

  • How can cryptography can be used to facilitate security?
  • How is it implemented?
  • How can the security of Mobile Devices be improved (future directions)?

Format for the Research Paper

  • Research Paper is to be at 4-6 content pages (submitted in Microsoft Word
  • .docx format or PDF format)
  • One (1) page Summary about the enhancing security of the Mobile Device and how to make remote connections more secure and less vulnerable
  • Three (3) to five (5) pages about what you discovered through your research
  • At least three (5) academic and/or professional quality references (not Wikipedia or Vendor’s White Papers)
  • One (1) page reference (APA format)
  • In text citations corresponding to your references (APA format)

Please be sure to submit work that is a result of your own effort: plagiarism is unacceptable – for more details, please see the Academic Integrity Policy in the Syllabus section.

Computer Science homework help


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