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IT Policies & Procedures
1. What is the difference and relationship between policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards?
2. Why is IT policy important?
3. Think of a situation that could have been or can be prevented had an IT policy been in place; please explain.
4. List and briefly describe five features for structuring good policy?
5. Identify and explain elements should be contained in your policy outline?
6. Why is it important to have a policy waiver process established?
7. Explain the difference between IT policy dashboard and reference matrix. Secondly, explain the importance of each in effectively managing IT policies.
8. Outline the core steps involved in creating a procedures?
9. Describe the three types of administrative, technical, and physical controls (9-Total) that an auditor would evaluate? Secondly, provide an examples of each control and relevance to protecting corporate assets?
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