Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. First, Discuss topic in at least 250 word paragraph.
*Second, make 1 reply of at least 100 words for each      paragraph provided below. For your paragraph and replies, you    should     support your assertions with at least 1 source and   accompanying     citations in APA format. Acceptable sources include  the  textbook,     reputable websites, and the Bible.
Discussion Topic:
A customer has requested help with troubleshooting various security  problems. Since the computer is for home use, the customer wants to  safeguard it so that his children do not access specific information.  Recently, the system had several spyware installations and the computer  seems to be running very slowly. There are warnings when Windows  Defender is open, as well. Explain the steps you would use to diagnose,  and repair if necessary, spyware on the customer’s computer. Also, add  how you would safeguard the children from uninvited material showing up  on the internet.
100 word Reply to Each Paragraph!
Paragraph #1
Realistically, if a parent wants to censor media for their children, the best option is to not let  them have access to a computer with access to everything, but rather  something with specific child controls, like a Nintendo Switch. However,  since this case specifically is regarding a parent who wants to monitor  what his children see on a home computer, well will address it as such.  It is very common for spyware of both malicious and non-malicious  intent to slow down a computer. However, if a verified company’s spyware  is significantly slowing down your computer, there may be some  extraneous and solvable issues. First of all, if Windows Defender is  sending out alerts to the user, it may be a good idea to analyze these  alerts and take a look at a full diagnostic in order to make sure that  there isn’t anything malicious hitchhiking onto legitimate software. If  the parent does not know what the software they installed does exactly,  you should check the legitimacy of the software. If there is an option  to reinstalling the software, do that. Ultimately, there is not a whole  lot you can do, as spyware is pretty detrimental to computer speed in  general. I would personally recommend looking into better options for  computer monitoring, and if I knew of any better ways than spyware,  direct the parent to them.
*100 word reply
Paragraph 2
The first step I would take when a customer needs help with security  problems is to make sure an antivirus software is installed on the  computer. If a software is not installed on the computer or expired I  would install or upgrade immediately in order to find any harmful things  that may be on the computer and making the computer run slow. Next, I  would check Windows to ensure all the malware is removed from the  computer. “If a system is highly infected and will later hold sensitive  data, a fresh start might be in order. In fact, Microsoft recommends  reinstalling Windows as the safest way to deal with highly infected  systems” ( Andrews, Dark, & West, 2017). After investigating and  correcting the issue with the computer I would then inform the user of  steps to take in order to prevent this from happening again. Next, I  would focus on safeguarding the computer for the client. To safeguard a  computer parental controls and software can be downloaded to block  unwanted materials from popping up. I would speak with the client about  what specifically he/she is looking for. After discussing the various  options I would select what best fits the clients needs. I would also  educate the client in the importance of monitoring closely a child on  the web as many children will find a way around those parental controls  if wanted. As a parent of 4 children using the computer and web is  necessary for school and even a popular form of communication. It needs  to be monitored closely in order to best protect the child.
*100 word reply

Computer Science homework help


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