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Please submit your work using the table below as an example in a three to four-page report with APA cited references to support your work. You may add or remove additional columns as needed.
In this unit, you will see information about laws that have been passed several years ago, but you may not see all of the updates and changes that the government makes. To see these updates (rulings), you can search the Federal Register at This an ongoing information source that summarizes all of the activity of the federal government that required a vote or action.
For this assignment, search the Federal Register for five cases that interest you. A list of possible search topics is listed to help you get started.

  • Go to:  the Federal Register.
  • Use the Search bar to find rulings related to your topic.
  • Then select “rule” for Type (left side menu). This will reduce your search to only show the final rulings (not proposed solutions or public announcements).
  • Read through a few of the rulings – you will see a summary of the case, which usually will describe the event that has prompted the need for this law. You will then see the resolution, These are the items that will direct you when you create a compliance plan for your organization.
  • Finally, think about potential breaches and what this ruling may NOT have addressed. List a few of the questions that you may still have about this direction from the courts. (critical thinking about what else you would need to do to be in compliance with a ruling like this particular case).

Possible topics for your search:

  • Anti-malware
  • compliance/auditing
  • forensics
  • ID management
  • Intellectual property
  • Managed security service providers (MSSPs)
  • Messaging safeguards
  • Patch management
  • Perimeter defenses
  • Security information management (SIM)
  • Security event management (SEM)
  • Incident response
  • Transaction security
  • Wireless security

Select five of these laws and summarize the law, suggest a compliance plan, and identify possible breaches. Use the following chart format for your summary.

  • attachment



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