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Please create an account on Website and design an instructional website by following the video tutorial.  You can click on  the  Wix Tutorial Video Link Here. Please view the video tutorial first, and then start to work on it.  A sample Wix website is Here at  After you create an account at . you can  start creating your website relating to your classroom teaching in any content you  would like to teach. You need to create at least a total of three web pages, but the more pates are welcome. The first page is the home page, and then the other two pages as subpages. You need to have three buttons linked to three web pages. If some students could not do this project well enough, he/she could come to the classroom class of Wix web design on campus afterwards.  You are welcome to come to my Wix class in my classroom for this Wix web design project if you have difficulty with it. Or you can follow the video tutorial to create web pages. Click Save button to save your work, and click the Publish button to publish it online.


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