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Based on the vulnerabilities found via nmap, use Metasploit to compromise the Windows XP machine. Gain shell access and transfer a file of your choice from the target machine to your Kali machine. Also, perform a remote screen capture using Metasploit of the compromised machine. You will need to use an auxiliary module to do this. Finally, install the persistence Meterpreter service. Be sure to document each step you take with both screen shots and descriptions of the commands employed. Tip: In metasploit you can use “search” keyword to find the exact vulnerability and payload you want to use Tip 2: You can exploit any vulnerability on the WinXP machine, but MS08-067 works very well.
What to Submit: Provide a report of your work. For each task, give a complete description of your steps, include all commands used, the reason why each command was used, and screenshots of the steps employed during your attack using the Metasploit framework. Perform screen captures of both the Metasploit and target machine, show the commands used and results to prove that you have accomplished each of the following steps:  PAGE 3 OF 3 [20 pts] Obtain shell access to the Windows XP machine using the Meterpreter payload and set all necessary Metasploit options correctly. [10 pts] Transfer a file of your choice from the target machine to your Kali machine. [10 pts] Perform a remote screen capture of the compromised machine using Metasploit. This can be done in various ways; one way is to using an auxiliary module. [20 pts] Install the persistence Meterpreter service on the Windows XP machine that will automatically connect back when the system boots. Reboot the Windows XP machine and show that it automatically connects back to the Kali machine.
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