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Developing Your Design Solutions covered Data Representation, Interactivity, Annotation, Color and Composition
· Select 2 chart type options from the gallery of visuals presented in Chapter 3 excluding 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, and 3.12 since these are not charts. These figures are in the text and on the companion site.(  ***DO not use a previously used/selected chart type from any previous assignment**
· Provide your perspective on the tasks/actions and objectives that would be applicable for each item under our Design Solution considerations: Data Representation, Interactivity, Annotation, Color and Composition.
Example Only This Chart Does Not Exist:
Figure 3.99: Migration Pattern Of Hummingbirds
Design Solution:
· Data Representation: The data presented is only a portion of the scope that could be used which is ……
· Interactivity: Adding interactivity to hover over a location to gather more detailed information would be helpful
· Annotation: There should be more information provided about the intent of the bars, circles, colors, icons used
· Color: The use of color appears to be almost perfect, but an option could be if the viewer was color-blind to present in gray scale
· Composition: The size of the chart could have been increased along with the following additions…..


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