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You have been asked by management (manufacturing, healthcare, retail,  financial, and etc. ) to create a demo using a data analytic or BI  tool. It is your responsibility to download and produce outputs using  one of the tools. You will need to focus your results on the data set  you select.
Ensure to address at least one topic covered in Chapters 1-5 with  the outputs. The paper should include the following as Header sections.
History of Tool [Discuss the benefits and limitations]
Review of the Data [What are you reviewing?]
Exploring the Data with the tool
Classifications Basic Concepts and Decision Trees
Classifications Alternative Techniques
Summary of Results
Ensure to use the Author, YYYY APA citations with any outside content.
Types of Data Analytic Tools
Excel with Solver, but has limitations

R Studio
Tableau Public has a free trial
Microsoft Power BI
Search for others with trial options
Examples of Dataset


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