Criminal homework help

Here are the requirements for your paper:
1) Please review and analyze current community issues, social issues, police practices, technological concerns / issues, or etc. that are currently occurring. As a police leader, after reviewing these concerns, what obstacles and challenges do you foresee that law enforcement agencies will be tasked with addressing and what recommendations or solutions do you recommend moving forward.
2) Paper must be between 5 to 7 pages. If you submit less than 5 pages points will be deducted.
3) Must contain a cover page and a works cited page in APA format (This is not part of the 5 to 7 page count requirement). Example: If you hand in 3 pages of a paper and add the cover page and works cited page as you pages 4 and 5. Points will be deducted.
4) The paper must be in APA format. If you do not know what APA format is, please take time to research what APA format is and utilize resources on campus to assist you (Writing Lab). Students must know how to write APA format. This is not an English or Writing course. I will not be teaching you how to write APA format. You are expected to know how to write your research paper in APA format. Failure to use APA format will results in points taken away from your paper.
5) You must use 5 scholarly articles or academic references in your paper.
6) The paper is due  12/1/2020


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