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In this assignment, you practice creating a police report based upon information presented in the Exploration. Report writing is one of the most important parts of documenting what occurred at the scene.  A well written report should include the who, what, where, when, why and how.  It should also have a summary of what occurred in chronological order.  In addition, it includes the time and date of arrival, description of the crime scene and any other information that the officer believes is important.


  1. Create an investigative report for the District Attorney’s office highlighting the evidence throughout the exploration and who you think committed the crime.
  2. You can be creative with any information you do not have.
  3. Make sure you include the type of search you would do at the scene and the evidence you would collect.
  4. Be specific about what type of evidence you found toward the various suspects.
  5. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font and double-space the report.
  6. Use proper APA formatting for citing your source(s).
  7. Save as: CRJ127_M5_Assign1_lastnamefirstname
  8. Submit to the M5 Assignment 1 Submission folder as a .doc or .docx file.

Exploration of Module 5

Trials and Forensics

Forensic Anthroplogy-Forensic Anthropology is the study of bones in relation to death.  When bones are discovered, the investigator must first ascertain whether they are human or animal bones.  If they are found to be human they will be taken to a lab.  Bones can assist the investigator in determining the race, gender, height, age and sometimes cause of death.  Race is broken down into mongloid (Asian descent), Caucasoid (European descent) and africoid (African descent) and we determine this by looking at the skull.  This not an exact science, especially in the United States where we have a heterogeneous society.  Gender is determined from the pelvic bone and sometimes the skull.  You can determine the height of an individual (range) using the leg or arm bones.  An estimate of age is done by examine the fusion of bones.  A child is born with approximately 400 bones and as they grow, the bones fuse together to get to the 206 bones of an adult.
Forensic Odontology-Odontology is the study of teeth and the application to the law.  Teeth are one of the body’s hardest substances and often can withstand fire.  This makes them invaluable to investigators trying to determine identity.  Forensic odontologists are often called to plane crashes and mass disasters to assist investigators.  Bite marks are also used in trial as evidence to convict criminals.  In the Ted Bundy case, a bite mark was used in his trial to help convict him of murder.
Forensic Entomology-Forensic Entomology is the study of insects in relation to the justice system.  Although there are some civil branches of forensic entomology, the main use of insects at crime scenes is to assist in determine post mortem interval or time of death.
The blow fly life cycle. (2014). Retrieved from

Crime Scene:

CONCLUSION-This would be released after students complete their final investigative report assignment.
The victim has previous marks that appear to have occurred in the past week.  On the morning of her death, the victim was shot and then struck in the head by a hard round object, possibly losing consciousness evidenced by the wound on her temple.  She has ligature marks present on her body and she also has fresh bruising on her neck which would indicate bruising on her neck.  She fought her assailant before being stabbed as evidenced by the defensive wounds.  She was repeatedly stabbed by the same weapon as evidence by the stab wounds consistent in shape and bled to death from the stab wound to her abdomen evidenced by the blood in the abdomen.
On the morning of her death, the victim: (d.) was struck in the head by a hard rounded object, possibly losing consciousness – evidenced by the wound on the right temple; (e.) was bound by tape as evidenced by the ligature still present on the body; (f.) was kept alive for at least a couple hours – evidenced by the coagulated blood on the wound to the temple; (g.) was choked by the assailant(s) – evidenced by the fresh bruising on the neck; (h.) fought her assailant before being stabbed – evidenced by the defensive wound to the forearm (and the wound to the leg likely occurred during the struggle); (i.) was stabbed repeatedly by the same weapon – evidenced by the stab wounds being consistent in shape; (j.) bled to death from the stab wound to her abdomen – evidenced by the blood in the abdomen.
Gabe Deande was the guilty party. The victim was upset over recent interactions with a student and shared them with Gabe.  She also shared that she received tenure and wanted to end their relationship after several incidents of domestic violence.  She also threatened to tell police which would end his academic career.  Mr. Deande staged the scene to look like a suicide.


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