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Consider the following
Has what you learned in this course or module changed your point of view on capital punishment? Why or why not? Given the fact that some people are wrongfully convicted and are ultimately released through prisoner advocacy initiatives like the Innocence Project, should our country consider repealing the death penalty? Why or why not?
Has what you have learned in this course caused you to assess the practicality of the theoretical concepts in criminal justice goal setting as it pertains to deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation, and restoration? Why or why not? How would you argue for or against each of these concepts?
Has what you’ve learned in this course caused you to compare contrasting points of view as they relate to three-strike laws? Why or why not? If you or a loved one were the victim of violence by a habitual offender, how might that affect your views of three-strike laws?
The debate between prevention and graduated sanctions will ensue for many years. My challenge to you is: What role will you play in bringing resolution to the continuing concern about youth development goals for at-risk youth and the youth habilitation goals for delinquent youth? In synthesizing the totality of your learning in this course, what single factor contributed most to your current views of at-risk youth and what three goals can be established to lessen the likelihood of their following a lifetime of criminality? Why?
Has what you’ve learned in this course caused you to formulate potential solutions to juvenile violence or delinquent youth? After appraising available options, where do you think we need to invest our money, our energies, and our commitments? Is it in prevention, or in punishment? What is the best alternative to find the balance needed to ensure that future generations see a decline in criminal violence?
Create a 3 – 4 paragraph meaningful reflection that addresses all of the above Then, please comment on at least two items submitted by your peers.


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