Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

It is important to understand evidence and its importance to the investigative process.
In a minimum of 2 pages, write a paper that starts by identifying at  least four different types of evidence that is found in the Ramsey case  and then focuses specifically on the glass evidence in the Ramsey case.
After reviewing Ramsey case, you learned that the broken window in  the basement in the middle of December was a key piece of evidence in  the case.

  1. What is the first officer’s responsibility at a crime scene and what was done or not done in the Ramsey case?
  2. Describe how to collect and preserve glass evidence.
  3. Would the way the glass evidence at the crime scene was documented,  collected, and preserved have any impact on the examination results at  the lab? Support your conclusions.
  4. Was there any other evidence in the case that concerns you as an Investigator, why or why not?
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Criminal homework help


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