Criminal homework help

“Dirty Cops and Police Misconduct”
Interview with Modesto, CA Police Chief Mike Harden

  1. Discuss what you see in the video. Do you agree or disagree with the statements made by Chief Harden? How should police handle misconduct and corruption?
  2. Discuss whether the three basic methods used by the police to fulfill their mission are effective. If they are effective, why? If they are not effective, why not?
  3. Entrapment is a major concern in vice operations. What steps can undercover operatives take to avoid being accused of it?
  4. The public’s view of the police changes over time. What are some recent events in your community that have helped or hurt the police image?

“Community Policing, part 1”

  • Video: Community Policing – Austin Police—In any city, relations between communities and police can sometimes be tense. However, any community cares about safety. It is because of this that Austin police department has started a program to make its officers known and trusted by the community, rather than a source of fear.


  1. Discuss what you see on the video. What are some of the issues Austin Police are trying to address? What methods are they using? What would you do?
  2. The Fourth Amendment provides protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. What would constitute a reasonable search?
  3. Computer-aided investigation is a technology that helps assist in the investigation of crimes. How does this program work?

“Sovereign Citizen Movement”

  • Article: A Look At The “Sovereign Citizen” Movement – CBS 60 Minutes


  1. Discuss the article. What are the issues in this article? Do you consider this movement to be a threat to law enforcement? Would you consider them to be a terrorist organization? Why or Why not?
  2. What If Scenario
  3. You are the Sheriff of a mid-sized county. You have an active militia movement in your county. What resources do you have available to address possible threats? What will be your plan if this movement decides to become actively involved in asserting their rights?
  4. The balancing of civil liberties and security is a very difficult task. What recommendations do you have to accomplish this goal?
  5. What do you think the future of policing holds?


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