Criminal homework help


  • Length: 1250 words minimum
  • Use APA style to format your paper
  • Cite at least three sources
  1. In the reading assignment for this module, you learned about some of the evidence collected in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Describe the evidence (from your textbook; pages 349 – 351; Chapter 14) on the John F. Kennedy assassination and the wound evidence suffered by Senator Connelly. What other evidence do you think could have been gathered at the time (1963) and was overlooked or could be identified with the use of today’s advanced technology? (Conduct independent online research to gain more information, if needed.)
  2. Describe chromatography as a technique for purifying substances for analyzing the many multi-component specimens that are frequently received at the crime lab. Explain when chromatography is specifically used and when is it not appropriate to use.
  3. Explain inorganic identification through the use of elemental analysis, the emission spectrum of elements, neutron activation, and X-ray diffraction.
  4. Read the Application and Critical Thinking section on page 371 (Chapter 14) and answer all of the questions in detail.


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