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The purpose of this project is to apply the knowledge gained throughout the semester to analysis of a research article. This project will involve the analysis of “DOES CONTACT WITH THE JUSTICE SYSTEM DETER OR PROMOTE FUTURE DELINQUENCY? RESULTS FROM A LONGITUDINAL STUDY OF BRITISH ADOLESCENT TWINS” by Ryan T. Motz,et als. in Criminology, May 2020; volume 58 issue 2(pp. 280-306).
The assignment components and grading specifics are outlined below:
(1) What is the hypothesis of the research? (5 points)
(2) List and operationalize all independent and dependent variables examined. (10 points)
(3) What method of data collection was used and the sample examined? (5 points)
4) Discuss the prior literature reviewed and its relevance to the research problem. Do you believe the literature review is an adequate representation of all relevant studies? (10 points)
(5) What do the findings suggest? (5 points)
(6) Can this research be generalized? Why or why not? (10 points)
(7) How well do you believe the research design chosen was suited to the research question? (10 points)
(8) How clearly was the data presented and discussed? Do you believe the results are substantively important? (5 points)
(9) What additional questions or hypotheses are suggested by the study’s results? (10 points)
(10) What are some of the potential drawbacks of this research? (10 points
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