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The “nature-nurture” debate has existed for many years. Contemporary psychologists emphasize the ways in which “nature” and “nurture” are intertwined, with each making a contribution to who we are and what we do. Current research also focuses on how “nature” and “nurture” interact, such that our genes, our experiences, and/or environments can influence each other. Consider one of your own abilities or traits (e.g., a personality trait, a physical characteristic, or a talent). What roles have “nature” and “nurture” played in producing your trait or ability? In what ways is your trait or ability the product of an interaction between “nature” and “nurture”?
In a 500 word essay, describe your chosen ability or trait and discuss how “nature” and “nurture” might interact to produce this characteristic. Include details from class materials, readings, and research to support your discussion.


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