Ecology homework help

Plant taxonomy is the science that finds, identifies, describes, classifies, and names plants.  Where does your plant of choice fall?


Let’s explore plant breeding.
 Kingdom Protista Discussion:

  • Describe features that the members of Kingdom Protista share and the basic ways in which they differ, include one (1) picture.

Kingdom Fungi Discussion:

  • Discuss the general features that distinguish Kingdom Fungi from the other kingdoms, include one (1) picture.

Kingdom Plant- Bryophytes Discussion:

  • List the features that distinguish the Plant Kingdom from other kingdoms.
  • Explain how bryophytes as a group differ from other plants. Include one (1) picture.
  • Does your plant of choice fall into any of these 3 categories?
  • Explain your answer and include two (2) pictures.


Estimated time to complete: 4 hours
Submission Format: Word Document
Required Document Elements:

  • at least 2 written pages
  • an additional title page
  • introduction paragraph
  • required images
  • conclusion paragraph
  • references page (at least 2 references in APA format)

Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.
This assignment requires Turnitin.


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