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We need to choose an industry in Canada or other country and evaluate the international competitiveness of the industry in terms of factor conditions, demand conditions, supporting industries, firm strategy and domestic rivalry. The length of this applied research is 15 – 20 pages double spaced. The format of the applied research paper is APA format. All reference must be cited. A one page executive summary must be included in the paper.
Note : Please follow Research Paper style and length of research paper is 18-20 pages including the Executive Summary.
Instructions :
1) Executive Summary is key to the research paper , please pay attention to highlighted bold terms in the question and summarize the terms in executive summary accordingly.
2) Please refer to the uploaded textbook for highlighted terms content.
3)  Need Turnitin Report and 100% free of plagiarism.
4) Cite more references and intext citation too.
5) 100% APA Style and no grammar errors.
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