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THERAPEUTIC CLONING is cloning done for the sake of extracting stem cells for research purposes.
REPRODUCTIVE CLONING is cloning done for the sake of making another living being like Dolly the sheep or you or me. Therapeutic cloning is allowed in the US. Reproductive cloning of human beings is illegal everywhere in the world.
Now here is the question I would like you to think about: a clone of a human being is a developing human being whether it is created for therapeutic or reproductive purposes. At the same time, I do not own my clone. At this time the research institution that creates my clone for research purposes is ultimately responsible for it. Corporations specializing in biomedical research and research schools who receive much of their funding from the government and such corporations are ultimately the ‘legal parents’ of the human clones they create.
Question: Is ownership of human clones ownership of human beings? 100 words APA format
Follow below instructions
Is the writing clear and error free?
Do citations reflect adherence to a style manual?
Argument (reply to forum question):
Does the main argument have reasons that are stated clearly and led to the conclusion the author presented?
Does the author bring in at least one credible outside source and used it effectively?
Confirmatory or Counterargument:
Does student cite an outside author’s argument (VERY important).
Is the argument paraphrased so that the outline contains at least three lines but no more than five?
Is the text color changed to make the outline identifiable?
Conclusion:  Yes
Is conclusion clearly specified in forum post?
Is color changed to blue and the length of conclusion limited?


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